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You know the feeling you get when forced to admit, "something told me not to prepay for that excursion?" Or you find yourself saying, "I wish I had known (BLANK) before I got here?" 

It's gut wrenching isn't it?

Or better yet, have you ever over planned or under planned your dream trip only to wish you'd read a review or two or two-hundred?  You pull up to your AirBnB but the location is so remote you can't even get an UBER to take you to lunch? 

 I Have

Let Us Save You Time & Money


Solving Ordinary Travel Woes Through the Lens of a Full-time Flight Attendant 

We recognize woes don't start or end with travel 

What about the crappy hair conditioner commercials and influencers RAVED about? You hurried, hit the purchase button, only to have flaky shoulders all the day through from product residue.



We're dedicated to remain regular people who use regular everyday products. Our reviews aren't monetarily swayed. Even if we receive a small commission we will continue to spit the TRUTH! 

Why Me?

broke dog Meme.png

I raised three children, sometimes on a $100.00 a week budget. My creativity would pop in overdrive trying to juggle just the mere thought of it. You can imagine if products didn't perform AS I NEEDED THEM TO, it was disheartening. 

I finally have the opportunity to turn my hardships into my passion. 

So to all my

B-A-B-Y M-A-M-A 's

I can help. 

  • Reviews = Free Advertising
    15 min
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