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Best Bone Doctor in Town

I Tore My Meniscus

What in the HECK can a flight attendant do at work with a torn meniscus. I’ll tell you! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Have you noticed how much kneeling flight attendants do to grab that specialty soda only you and two other people drink. Yeah, you know – the one that’s usually at the bottom, back of the cart.

Well I found myself needing a good knee surgeon. How I tore it hmmmmmmm … still have no clue. Maybe it was when I chased down my two-year old grandson who tried to snag his two-month old brother from the couch. YIKES. That may have done it.

Ok, back to the story. I needed a bone doctor. So of course, I first went to my primary care doctor. Again, you know how it goes. You tell the primary doctor what’s wrong. Then you tell them you need to see a specialist. Then they get the big almighty dollars to give you permission to see the specialist you told her you needed to see – LOL.

My primary care gave me a random list of doctors generated from the computer and sent me packing for an ultra sound of my left knee. The primary care doctor reviewed the ultra sound. Told me there was a cyst on my knee and it needed draining. I thought – a cyst. Causing me this much pain, that can’t be all. She sent me packing once more to have the cyst drained.


My gut told me there was more to it than just a simple cyst. I could barely bend my leg forward or backward. The pain behind my knee was palpable. I knew I needed a second opinion. BUT NOW I WAS SCARED everyone would get it wrong.

Finally, I took this jacked up knee into my own hands and researched best orthopedic surgeon near me. Oh boy… another loop-de-loop. What do ya know, every one of them was the best orthopedic surgeon near me. I couldn’t tell one from the other.

Then it hit me. Tish, that’s what you do for a living – review sh*t. You better start reading reviews like your half-of-knee depended on it. And so I did. Day after day, I read people talking about their experiences with local doctors. Success stories, as well as the not so successful ones were plentiful.


Dr. Gregory Dairyko – I promise you, I wasn’t looking for a black doctor just because it was black history month. In fact, I don’t even know if he’s black. He had brown skin and curly hair but we all know that doesn’t mean black. I wanted someone who could heal me and so that I could get back to paying my bills on time. His reviews were great. People spoke highly of him, so I gave his clinic a call.

It was set. If this mans bedside manners matches his reviews, I‘m sticking with it.

He was the most professional and patient doctor I’ve ever seen. I didn’t feel rushed. He answered my multitude of questions. He gave me options. But most of all, my gut said to trust him. And he promised to fix this young, vivacious grandma right on up – LOL.

Dr. Dairyko ordered an MRI. WHAT THE HECK DO YOU KNOW – it was more than just a cyst. The meniscus in my left leg had a pretty “gnarly” (his word not mine) tear.

Torn meniscus
Tisha Starr’s torn meniscus

We set the date for surgery and the rest is history. Of course I worked on this blog as a one-legged writer. What better was there to do?

Meniscus Repair

I’m now well on my way to recovery and couldn’t feel better. Next month, I’ll write about my white physical therapist Nick - He’s Awesome!

Torn Meniscus Physical Therapy

Like I said earlier, I don’t even know if Dr. Dairyko is black. But it wouldn’t matter – he is a great doctor. He even had a sense of humor. I asked him jokingly, were you gang-banging on my leg? He replied, “naw I would have had to add a K.“ We laughed off the corny joke and he, too, sent me on my way.

Healing Torn Meniscus

And so it goes, it just so happened to be black history month. And I just so happened to need ”a fixin.” My duty is to write honest and truthful reviews. And Dr. Dairyko just so happened to make the cut - literally and figuratively. What ever race he is! LOL!

Thank you Dr. Dairyko – I wish you a long and successful career.


The Broke Down Flight Attendant - Tish

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