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"How to" make Homemade Shower Cleaner | The Pink Stuff and Zep Product Review

Updated: May 20, 2022

Tisha Starr
Let’s Clean Up With Tisha

So it’s time to clean the shower again, eh? That’s perfect for us. We’re thrilled to provide another product review!

Remember - We’re here to help you to choose!

Choosing the right product is daunting. Is it “green,” children/pet friendly, does it contain harmful chemicals? There‘s so many questions with so little time to research.

That’s where we come in. We’ve taken away some of the guess work for you and “tested on camera.” We tried: The Pink Stuff, Zep, Magic Eraser and a homemade shower cleaner paste made-up of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.

For our Starrs who don’t want to read the detailed product review – this is your escape route. Click the thumbnail image above to view video.

Now that our non-readers have exited the building, we’ve got something for the rest of you.

Household cleaning products like Star Drops, The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste, are cropping up everywhere. People have asked if the Pink Stuff is harmful? The container says it’s vegan. Since The Pink Stuff was the only cleaning product we reviewed that claimed all natural, it‘s the only one we deep dive into the ingredients.

The Pink Stuff packaging states if you would like to know more about the ingredients you must visit the DPI (detergent product information ) website.

So we did! You will need a product bar code to visit the site.

Here’s what we found. According to the INCI (international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients)

The Pink Stuff contains:

The Pink Stuff Ingredients

  • Quartz = oxygen & Silicone

  • Aqua = water

  • Soap = oil

  • Sodium Carbonate = baking soda

  • Sodium Bicarboate = well, what do I say? This compound was hard to narrow down

  • Glycerin = baking soda salt

  • Parfum = chemical compound that has a smell or odor

  • Laurylamine Dipropylenediamine = a chemical substance used for hard surfaces disinfectants

  • Acid Red 52 = EPA safer chemical

  • Dimethicone = skin moisturizer harmful when orally ingested

Hey, I’m no scientist and have no formal training in chemistry besides the course I took in college and failed. We did the best we could to provide common household names for each scientific one. But if you’re really into the periodic chart, here’s a beautiful website, Chemistry Cachet, that breaks down all the ingredients beautifully.

The Pink Stuff, claims to be 99% natural, environmentally non-toxic, non hazardous formula and it isn’t tested on animals. Again, if that’s not enough for ya, please visit their website here for more.

Hopefully, that was helpful. But for some odd reason, I doubt it – LOL.

Photo of Shower Before Cleaning
Before Cleaning

I liked, The Pink Stuff. It was cute to see the little pink wall and suds gather together to attack the dirt. It stood up to rigorous scrubbing with a drill & brush combination (be careful if you’re going this route. The power from the drill flicked the paste high up in places I couldn’t reach without a ladder). The paste struck the dirt hard and brightened the tiles. I was impressed.

Next we reviewed our homemade scrubbing paste

It was a peroxide and baking soda mix. Nothing fancy. Our first batch was a hot mess. Who knew I could use a mixing bowl instead of sprinkling baking soda here and there like pixie dust – LOL? Don’t worry, you get to see all of this in the video.

We were WONDERFULLY surprised at how well the wall shined after the first application. We completed three full rounds during this product review. There wasn’t any bad smells or pasty mess to clean up. It came right off with clear, warm water.

If I were you, I’d add the baking soda to the bowl first and slowly mix in the peroxide until you get the consistency you’d like. Take your time.

We don’t have much more to add to this gem. JUST TRY if FOR YOURSELF.

Time to review ZEP Grout Cleaner and Brightener

Third, was Zep’s Grout Cleaner and Brightener. It didn’t have a strong smell either but it was stronger than the other two. We advise you to use in well ventilated space. The brand must be very popular because we had to search two stores before finding a bottle. I know I sound corny saying Zep worked well, too. But hey, IT DID. What’s a lady to do?

When the directions said to wear “chemical resistant gloves,” I knew there could be harmful skin irritants. So for you health conscious people, this may not be the perfect product for you.

Zep’s pro-tip

Re-seal grout after brightening to keep lines cleaner for longer.