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How to Travel Through the Airport Like a Pro

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Ever wonder how flight crews stroll so effortlessly through the airport with triple the amount of luggage as you? They weave through seas of passengers as if their bags are empty. Oh and let’s not forget, many of them blowing right by you in a shiny pair of high-heels. It’s something to envy, I know.

Before becoming a flight attendant, I just couldn’t figure out how to transport 50 pairs of shoes, matching bags and purses easily. I always felt like my shoulder would pop off at the joint and I would surely pass the heck out before reaching my gate. Only to get home, unpack and realize I didn’t even wear 70% of the backbreaking crap I dragged across countries. SMH


J- Hook (as the name implies) is a hook that connects to the top of your main luggage. You drape other smaller items onto the J-Hook, allowing it to hang close to the bottom, and it evenly distributes the weight of both bags. Don’t be fooled. The smaller bag does not need to weigh less than the larger one (check out the video to see how much weight I added to my lunch bag). This is all because hanging weight is better distributed than stacked weight.


Popular Science published a similar concept in their journal in 1979. Though the hook pictured below connected several bags together, the ability to make all the bags feel weightless still held true. Strut your stuff lady in the kitten heels – LOL.

I’ve had the luxury of using the detachable J-Hook as well as the built in type.


I favor the built in type over the detachable one. Since the detachable hook has the tendency to slide from side-to-side on the main handle, it’s easier for both bags to tip over (see video).

Also, many of the built in J-Hooks have metal connectors. They tend to be more durable. As flight crew, our bags go through a tremendous amount of stress. They get caught on the sides of aircraft seats and snagged in overhead bins several times a day. So for us, durability is a necessity. Also, we have enough things to keep track of daily: ID’s, passports, trip sheets, chargers, breakfast, lunches and dinners, so taking time to locate a misplaced J-Hook is a waste of time. However, the average vacationer can choose the least expensive hook because their bags do not get as much wear and tear.


Pros Cons

  • Affordable Easier to tip over

  • Adjustable Easier to misplace

  • Can use on multiple bags Slides on main handle


Pros Cons

  • More Durable Can't swap to diff. bag

  • Removable Expensive

  • visually appealing Needs tools to repair


Now listen up . . . don’t’ let me catch any of you in the terminal panting like a dog with your bags dragging your shoulder to the floor. I’d hate to blow right by you in my flats, with three bags – because I’m not the heel wearing type.

Happy Traveling People - Stay SAFE

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